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If you need a professional partner for Multilingual Communications and Transcreation you have come to the right place! 

We have experience of all existing roles of the process – as translators, copywriters, marketeers, designers, localization engineers and software developers.

We will give you broad-based support for your communications needs through a one-stop approach, encompassing processes, professionals and smart technology.

Translation and Localization

Looking for a one-stop shop? An effortless, interactive process allowing you to express your views and monitor progress? Nescit will take on just about any translation or localization project. Besides marketing content translation, we are especially good at translations about complex products and services where precise language and high quality are essential. In addition, our China-orientation enables us to offer advanced project support for graphic (DTP) and engineering services for Asian languages at competitive rates. 

Through the use of smart technology, we make it easy for clients to be as involved in the process as they want, to better comply with timelines and budgets. We have a thorough understanding of the translation process and the marketplace, and we will suggest the best process and specialists for each individual project.

Life sciences, Nordic languages, Chinese

Regardless of industry sector, subject matter and style, Nescit will take on your web and marketing translations. We also handle regular translations and localization projects, including texts about complex products and services in sectors such as health and life sciences, and other specialty fields where precise language and quality are essential to results. This is due to our smart technology and access to terminology know-how. We will suggest alternative workflows and specialists to optimize results in line with budgets, timelines and other restrictions. We can be very competitive. 

Nescit handles business translations to and from all major world languages. Our core competency is Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian in combination with English and major Western languages – plus Chinese. Throughout China, we offer broad-based services including Business and Conference interpreting and Language and Culture training. 

We also have strong partners for other major Asian languages. Since our early days, we have developed special skills for Rapid Growth Markets including Africa.



If you need a quote for a translation, localization, interpretation, branding or other marketing communications project, please contact us directly or use the form below. 

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